HERAfreeze Ultra Low Temperature Freezer - HERAfreeze HDE Series -40C Ultra-Low Temperature - KEY SCIENTIFIC INC

Duns Number:938286804

Device Description: HERAfreeze HDE Series -40C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

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HERAfreeze Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

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In GS1

Product Characteristics

MRI safety Status

Labeling does not contain MRI Safety Information

Device required to be labeled as containing natural rubber latex or dry natural rubber (21 CFR 801.437)


Device labeled as "Not made with natural rubber latex"


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Over the Counter (OTC)




Combination Product


Human Cell, Tissue or Cellular or Tissue-Based Product (HCT/P)


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Refrigerator, Freezer, Blood Storage

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November 13, 2019

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November 05, 2019

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"KEY SCIENTIFIC INC" Characteristics
Device Class Device Class Description No of Devices
2 A medical device with a moderate to high risk that requires special controls. 255